Photo gps

Ok, so this isn’t new stuff. But it’s always been kind of interesting to me. It’s a gps phot logger type of thing.

they have been around for years but this is one of the smallest ones I’ve seen. I’ll need to do some more research on this but the basic concept is that it’ll somehow sync with your camera, then as you take pictures (you may have to click a button on this thing too (?) and when you get to a pc it’ll sync it’s gps data with the photos taken at each spot. Then there are online things like google maps and flickr that can work together to show your pictures and the areas they were taken. That’s pretty damn neat. And an interesting new way to organize your photos. Must also be pretty nice for people vacationing people uploading photos and friends and family being able to see things from the grand canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, the place with the giant heads, etc…
oh, and only about $100


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