Cheapest gps yet?

with a 3.5″ screen and using a 1gb sd card with maps of the lower 48 states this is pretty impressive for $200. Most car gps’s are around $500-$2000. So this is an impressive step. Sure, it may be one of those made in korea town in Taiwan but hey. If it works.. J general complaint is loading time is a bit slow, but initial load of a minute or so is about average for cold starting a gps unit from a few years ago. Totally worth the savings. Otherwise looks pretty standard. Heck, if I didn’t already have gps in my prius, this would be vying for top fo the list. (next would be a tom-tom-go) but it’d be a fight of $ vs what ever the tom tom has that this doesn’t. I assume there’s somethingā€¦. Oh, heck. You can buy it here..


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