Sucker tech

no, not the pron kind, nor the kind that helps you climb walls. Not even super leeches.. (hmm.. I should search for that on the net…) this is tech that has come out several times in the past and never succeeded. Well, this time around it has a few advantages over past versions from different companies.. First, and most importantly, you don’t need to write on a tablet or on special paper (thi has been a big rawback of previous attempts) oh, holy heck, I totally just realized you may not know what I’m talking about. This pen will write on paper and also transmit what it wrote to that flash drive you see ther which can then be imported into your pc, and translated into text and all sorts of stuff. Now.. the sucker tech title is because of the various attempts to bring this kind of tech to the world before. They all worked btu they all failed. Wil lthis one succeed? Geeks love this kind of stuff because it means they might put away their keyboards and mice and work with nothing but a pen. Even this rendition isn’t wquiet to that level yet, but it’s taking strides. First of all, it doesn’t require special paper or tablet to write on. That’s huge. The pen will send your notes (up to 1000 pages in its initial 512 mb capacity usb stick) that’s really cool.

Update! I looked around their site and these people are more on the ball than I originally thought. They’re thinking! Yay! (it’s so rare nowadays)..

also shows they’re rtying to make these pens so they can see what part of the screen they are pointing at and act as a touch-finger on non touchscreen screens. That’s super cool!
also, on another page of their site they’re talking about these pens as mice. This is all right on track. Exactly the kind of stuff thtat can catapult them into being purchased by just about everyone.
I mean.. if I can get a regular laptop instead of a tablet and still have tablet like functionality for much less money, why not? And instead of buying a graphics tablet I can just use this pen on my table top. This is really really cool. I just hope they keep the price low. I think if they do that (under $100) these things will end up on every office desk and home pc. If they’re more expensive, people will still buy them, but it will interfere with market penetration as a lot of people will say, “hmm.. 10$ mouse, or $200 pen thing? I can live without it” but at under $100 it’s xmas gift worthy and much more justifiable. J well.. as you can see.. my inner geek has been suckered in. I just hope the thing works.


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