Thinnest screens ever?

What’s going on in that picture?
would you believe that this man is looking at a tv screen?
well, he is, so boots to what you believe!
ok, seriously though, that’s a new tv screen that should be available in 2008.
original versions will be 11 inches wide and 0.12 inches thick damn, huh?
this is from sony and sumsung. At several times the cost of LCD technology I think this will only be adopted by those that are either too rich to care and by those who have some cas, desperately need a tv and can only spare a tenth of an inch of space on their wall. (read: really really small apartments) like those we’re going to end up in here in boston if the prices keep climbing.. :-/ oh, more about it here: oh, and I’m sure also.. um.. submarines and airplanes would find this really useful. And portable devices maybe. But I wouldn’t pay $500 for one of these if I can have a high def 22″ widescreen for $270 ( btw, I have a 22″ widescreen.. it’s totally worth it for the price.. (a 24″ is over $650 generally) and a 19″ is around $200.


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