Laziest post ever. Re: coolest plane ever.

Ok, it’s an RC plane.. that weighs less than a piece of paper. Now, I gotta tell you, I try to kep an eye on these things cuz I think flying remote control things for inside the home are pretty damn cool. And I’ve purchased some $40 helicopters that flew great but there was some kind of problem (with both of them) so that within 15 minutes, they could only be controlled from 2 feet away.. L and I’ve seen some videos of some pretty crappy planes that were small enough to fly around the room (but the flight pattern was really really bad) now.. THIS thing… I mean.. just FOLLOW THIS LINK and check out the video.. read gizmodos review later… video first. It’s at the bottom of the page. J now THAT is an indoor plane!! ($300 is a bit ouchy)


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