never, since the jews fled Egypt, has there been such a mass exodus from a location as there was from the movie theatre showing grindhouse this Saturday, april 7, in the year of our lord, who has apparently abandoned us, 2007.

Hello. I went to go see grindhouse today.. I’d like to talk about that..
first, let me cover the good aspects, since it will most likely be shorter..
>the first half the movie was the best b-film. Awful dialogue and plot with great effects.
> a friend of mine really liked it.
>Kurt russel was fun to watch
ok, that’s it for the good…
now the bad…
>it was THREE and a HALF hours long. (it’s a double feature)
> the second feature sucked Azz. About an 75 minutes of inane dialogue followed by a 15 minute car chase.
> the first thing I said to my friend (who had walked out ½ way throught the second movie) when he asked me how it was, was this: “For a long time people have been discussing what the best and worst movie ever made are. I think one of those discussions is now over.”
> out of a movie theatre that was a bit less than ½ full, at least 20 people walked out on the movie.
<summary> stay for the first feature, and when it’s over leave. You’ll have a much better experience.


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