Yo-yo-yo. For shizzy my nizzy from a different mizzy.


If the above title sounds familiar, this clock is not for you.
do have someone who works for you that looks like this? Would you like to? If you cringe at the thought of an alarm clock that in the morning wakes you up with the sound of a revving slightly asthmatic V8 engine followed by a holler of “GET IR DONE!!!” then this new Englishman’s clock might be the thing for you… Stephen Fry (Monty python?) some British comedy show, I’m sure.. has recorded his voice saying various things that are appropriate for English royalty.. or at the very least the fairly wealthy… well, to the point, those that can afford a butler that will kiss your ass in such a way as to have nothing to do with san Francisco.. “oh, I left my but..ler in san Francisco…”.. anyway.. it has “nearly” 50 things it can say, and even has a marvelous way of putting you to bed. CONS are that it looks like it might be hard to read at night.. and it seems very deep (meaning it will need a good shelf) with today’s technology I would think shallower would be better.


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