FREE TOYS?!?! YES! FREE! Well, cost of 6 pages to be printed.. so.. like.. 7 cents?

recognize any of these?
check it out, yo.. (yeah, I’m all gangster tonight)
these are made of paper. That came out of a printer.
how cool is that? Want a few of these (or some other models) hanging in your crib? Or your baby’s crib? Or your babies crib? Check it out here:
just download some PDF files and start folding! I gotta tell you, I’m gonna be making the Valkyrie before the weekend is out. I mean just check out the pics of it in ½ transformed mode.. (I’m not ultra-uber since I don’t know what the ½ mode is referred to as)… well, anyway.. this is uber cool (for those who know.) like those at where I found this story. J


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