The future (as portrayed in movies from 20 years ago) has arrived! (in Canada)

Ok, so not too many people would have bet that when the future landed, it would be in Canada. Maybe the USA, certainly japan.. but Canada? Ok, which future is this? Well, according to this article from reuters, Canadians will soon be able to make video calls through their cell phone. So.. strangely enough, even though we still either can’t make video calls to grandma in her nursing home using landlines, you can all pretend to be far more advanced than captain kirk by using your cell phone to video chat with the klingon down the street. How useful is this? Well, .. umm. Hmm. Well, I’m not sure how useful it would be adding video to the call, or holding my phone in front of me as I walk.. or while driving. Hmm.. it just seems a bit more dangerous. Hmm.. no more taking calls on the john.


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