these two guys created a computer that can modify how it sends data around so that it can find the most efficient way to do it depending on the current task. This is a brilliant thing for high end scientific computing because it would allow scientists to come up with questions that would take a day to answer, unless the computer can re-optimize itself in a minute and then take half a day to answer the same question.
I also see this as a great step and the possibility to use these boards between other systems to allow the optimization of multiple or larger disparate processing systems in such a way that it all runs better.. well, that’s just great. It’s something that today requires several experts for a single system. Applying these principles to software as well as hardware can allow a machine that optimizes both its hardware and software code to create either a> customized systems that can then be produced and sold to do certain tasks, and on the other end allow a super super computer that can solve problems faster by .. well.. sort of viewing things in a certain perspective. Well, it’s cool. 😛 some more info in this article I found at gizmodo.


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