Ok, so not really robots. Although instead of having robots play soccer and walk, I’d love to see perform Olympic things like skiing, shot put, running hurdles, balance beam, etc. while in human form and movement types. Ok, that has nothing to do with this post. This is more about.. like.. cyberlympics, or some such. What you see above are … lke pogo-boots. GAS-POWERED pogo-boots! You heard me. Evidently these were made over 20 years ago in Russia. They allow someone to run at about 20 miles per hour. They run on cup of gasoline and get about 70miles per gallon equivalent (or some such). Except they don’t hold a gallon, so you couldn’t go that far. I think you could run about 20 miles or so on a full tank. I totally think inventions like these should be allowed in a cyberlmpics setting to see who can make what wearable things that enhance human performance. I believe that syberlympics would usher in a new age of inventions that empower humans to perform beyond their normal physical means. For example, better designs for swim fins (they used to be standard and square, now they have a split fin design (presumably for better hydrodynamics)) so, faster bicycles, running boots, jackets that help you lift or.. who knows what people will make? Well, these boots up top were suppressed by the Russian military in hopes they could make soldiers that could cover 20miles on foot in an hour, running behind the tanks. Well, they mostly work, with only the occasional broken leg as the piston fires a little early. 😉 oh, and the company making them is going out of business I hear.. so if someone wants to make something of it…. Let me know!


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