Only for rich people^2

I’ve got a big tv! “HOW BIG IS IT?!” well.. it’s freakin huge. 202 inches. That’s over 17 FEET!! (this is another one of those yelling posts) WHAT THE HELL? I am going insane? 17 feet? That won’t even fit into my apartment SIDEWAYS! Ok.. ok.. I’m breathing. So. 17 feet.. I’m guessing not for people who live in apartments. And.. umm.. even for people with houses it’s no good.. even for those that have huge French doors opening onto luxuriant patios looking down at giant yards with pools yards that are so big you need to refuel the riding mower before finishing mowing the lawn. This is for people who like TV so much they are not only willing to pay 1 BILLION dollars (the cost of the TV) but also the cost of having a wall removed to let the thing into the house. And then reconstructed… hmm.. and what kind of equipment does it take to install this thing? I’m guessing it’s not 2 guys grunting it up the stairs to get it into your second floor master bedroom… ok. I have not other specs, but you may find something here, where I saw the post originally


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