Update update

Hello everyone (which may be all of a alf dozen people)
there have been no recent updates, and that’s because I just haven’t made any.
it’s mostly finding the time. But I think I have found a new way to do this, so there should be a steady flow coming in starting tonight.
for those sorely disappointed in the recent lack of snarky commentary, I’m sorry you feel that way. 😛 the world needs less snarky.
well, that’s not true. The way it is, it needs a whole lot more smart snarky. Smarky. And, heck. That’s just me all over. (except one spot on my foot, but that’s a long story)
anywho…. Be alert. The world needs more lerts. 😉
and.. the shrot of it.. regular updates from now on. 5/week minumim. Not pressing anything regarding the spelling .;-)


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