Best new deathtrap car ever? (also the post with the most exclamation marks!)

this car runs on air! And, when it expels air, it is 0-15 degrees BELOW zero! And that helps fight global warming! The full article is here via the important specs are as follows: top speed is 68mph. range is approximately 200-300kilometers (100-150miles (as a rough calculation)) change a liter of oil every 30,000 miles, cost: about 10,000-15,000 dollars! They have cars! Vans and trucks! I can’t stop yelling! Ok, so what’s about about this car? I might guess the acceleration might not be the best. Also, it’s mostly fiberglass and glued together. (it sounds like this car is to a geo as a geo is to a mack truck.) This thing charges (from house voltage and an internal air compressor) in 3-4 hours. Or at special air pump stations in 3- minutes. It certainly has a lot of cool things like a revolutionary electrical (1 cable) system, engine design etc. on the other hand, since the truck looks like this I am thinking not a whole lot of people are going to be trading in their ford F350 or Toyota tundra trucks for these things. But hey, if you live in boston (super high cost of living) and need to save money on car and gas.. this thing may be the way to go. Or, if you don’t drive cross country on family vacation trips, this would be great getting you from home to work and back again. Hmm.. maybe if they add a solar roof than can work the air compressor while you’re parked at work.. this might be even better. Well, it’s new. And I like that. Will it succeed? I have no idea. The market place and driveability of this thing will decide that. But the fact it runs on air is cool. Especially since the air is 0-15 degrees below zero. šŸ˜‰ ahh.. awful puns means the psot should probably come to and end. Hmm.. I wonder if the engine can get adapted to a motorcycle? J


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