This is something that your cell phone may be telling you if you subscribe to a new service for about $60 a year that will allow you to get an SMS (phone text message) that will tell you that a tsunami is on its way! There may be a lot of people paranoid enough to subscribe to this service, and others that will think it is the silliest thing ever. Who is right? Is it the people that die in a tsunami because the system failed to broadcast properly and in time? Or is it the reporters who will be flying to the scene to get video footage of the disaster before the competition? I’m thinking it’s probably the reporters. Although if police dispatchers were made to subscribe to these things they could then tell other local services (fire departments and such) and the police on the streets, who could then broadcast the information through PA systems to warn the local citizenry.. that sounds like it’d be more useful than bob getting an sms at 3 in the morning while on vacation in borneo. (is that even next to the ocean?)
Thanks for bringing this info! (one of my favorite sites) benefit


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