What if you could get twice the mileage for no extra cost?

Well, that would just be un-American. And it would also be bad math on my part. The full article can be found here. The short of it is that Lenovo, the people who have been developing awesome batteries for a long time (those that keep astronauts breathing) also some of the longest lasting pc batteries. Now they seem to be in hybrid engines. These systems can be added on after market, and do not modify the existing engine or transmission (how cool is that?) the approximate benefit is about 30%-50% increase in gas mileage (not the twice some people into blog titles). Hey, if my SUV can go from 15 mpg to 21 mpg, that’s a hug step. Well, I don’t have an suv. I want a Toyota FJ cruiser, but it gets 18mpg and I drive like 70 miles per day. That’s a lot of gas over a year. This tech would change the 18mpg to something like 24-27mpg. Holy crap! That’s better than my old dodge intrepid (best car ever). And would now make it worth buying (the fj cruiser) not sure how much the tech costs though. I wonder if I can put this stuf on my new Toyota pruis and take me from 40mpg to 60. J (sure prius claims 50-60mpg but they lie. I get 42.0mpg average, and my father who also drives one gets around 46mpg.) Toyota has other issues, but I’ll save that for a rant post. 😉 for now, just dream American big giant trucks or 1946 Cadillacs and getting better than 12mpg. J


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