Need to justify the $2000 30” flatscreen monitor?

Well, no more need. I won’t go into specifics, but this article here does. It says if you charge about $100 per hour for your work, you can pay for the 30″ flatscreen in about 4 months. Raking in almost $6000 in savings over the year. How? Well, their ROI study includes how many seconds you save by performing tasks such as copying files between folders, editing pictures, working in large excel files, etc. then figuring out how often you perform these types of functions on average and some simple math later you have an idea of how many seconds having a 30″ screen will save you per month. Now, for those of us who don’t get $100 per hour, let’s say you’re closer to $20 per hour. That 4 months would turn into about 20 months. Which is less than 2 years. But, if you also use this to watch movies with it, and surf 10 sites at once. Or have more graphs showing your business going down the tubes (because you bought all 60 employees $2000 monitors) … well, aside from that last part, if you work from home and need to justify something to the wife, the folks at (see link in the beginning) have a chart to go with their article. J


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