Great for big brother, how about granpa?

help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!
I’m not the best person to pick pictures for these things. 😛
this article here talks about a new device, like a watch, which monitors employees key vital signs, including heart rate and oxygen saturation levels. It’s all non invasive. The system transmits the information wirelessly to a central system that keeps track of all these things. The system can also, once it senses something wrong, focus a camera on the location. Now, this was created for super high security areas to keep track of employees as their heart rate goes up as they steal paper clips, and then it’s caught on camera and the guards rush in with batons to take the poor guy out.
but… what if… these were used in nursing homes? I mean.. something that wirelessly and non-invasively tracks the health status of everyone in the building and if someone falls down or strokes out an alarm goes off immediately and a camera shows the person having the problem. I mean.. if you had the cash, wouldn’t you rather put your grandparents in a place like that instead of a place where they might lie with a broken hip on a landing between the 4’th and fifth floors for days before being noticed? Don’t you love them to buy them better security than most prisoners? J hey, with a slight mod you might get a web login that will show you the camera closest to the inmate you’re paying for. Woops, odl person. Umm loved one. Yeah. That’d be cool. J


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