Cheaper energy! Yay!

Well, if you live in Portugal.
a full article can be found here.
the short of it is wave energy farming. It’s a giant floating thing that as it bobs up and down in the water uses inertial motors to generate electricity (like those silly little flashlights that you shake and generate enough power to make an led light up a little..) but this would be the proverbial 30 foot twinky.-(for those who grew up in the eighties) not sure what the kids today would call it. Probably something stupid. 😛 well, these flashlights would be over 120 meters long and weighing over 300 tons. Kinda makes the 30 foot twinky puny. Unless, of course, it was wielded by a 60 foot tall dough boy. Spartans eat your hearts out!
oh! Totally forgot. One of the things that makes this cool, aside from people trying new things, is that it costs ½ the normal cost of wind power. And ¼ the cost of solar arrays. I wonder though.. how much does it cost to fix one of these generators and how long before they need a tune up? Are they dangerous to whales? They use hydraulics and oil to turn the engines, what happens if one of these things spill? Well, it all still sounds potentially cool. Some questions still need to be asked. (and more importantly, answered).


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