Anti-zombie wear

sure, it looks like mostly a blah kind of jacket, but it’s not! This jacket costs about $2000. You can buy it here. Now, you might be saying that this is a lot of money for a raincoat especially if you’re not living in Iraq right now. But what if you’re living in iran? Still too much? Well, since this thing stops not only bullets but also broken bottles, knives and ice picks, I’m thinking it will also stop the rotting teeth of zombie hordes! Now, it’s very important to note that this is only a jacket and does not cover the head hands or legs. For full protection you’ll need some kind of riot helmet, gloves and special pants. But I’m thinking if they can make this jacket then gloves pants and beanie hats aren’t far behind. Also great if you don’t want to get torn apart by a bear. If you had this coat that would nothappen, you’d only get squished inside of it. Eww.. squishy.


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