So cool I may have to buy it

ok, I realize the definition of “cool” in this case may be subjective. I, like most people, have wanted to be good at playing an instrument of some sort. But for various reasons (read laziness, lack of motivation, lack of instrument, lack of teachers).. well anyway, this is like guitar hero (for those who are familiar with it) except this is a real instrument. (guitar hero looks like a guitar but does not play like one). Oh, egads, I almost forgot to tell you what the heck this is. It’s a piano keyboard video game! Plug it into your TV and learn to play songs quickly and easily. It has levels so you can start with really easy music and work your way up to complex pieces. The best part is that once you learn skills here you can use them on a real piano (or electronic keyboard) and wow your friends or impress that girl you’ve managed to sucker into your apartment. Although I suggest impressing her on a real piano and not something that looks like its made for kids and is hooked up to your tv. It will be interesting to see how many more talents and skills future generations may have just from playing games. (not like my generations skills of getting short Italian plumbers to navigate sewers and defeat mushrooms and turtles).. <sigh>


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