Easily compare item sizes

this is a neat thing.. http://www.sizeasy.com/
Some people really really think that size matters.
for some, things should be bigger, for some, smaller.
which ever category you fit into, this site will allow you to see approximate size comparisons. So, is that new camera you’re looking at on the web all that much smaller than your current camera? How much difference does half an inch make? In 3 dimensions? Well, just plug in the dimensions of your gadgets (or whatnots) here and they’ll show you a comparison between the items. That’s kinda nice. I se a lot of use for this site. Their results should end up being on every gadget blog and item comparison chart. Simple concept and really useful (to comparison freaks)
it also has a bunch of items in its database. Box of matches, credit cards, i-phones, etc. so, someone makes a claim their gadget is the size of a credit card? Now you can double check their lies!! Err. The only thing I didn’t see was a feature talking about volume. That would make an interesting comparison chat (with no difficult math) that can tell you that, despite being 1cm shorter, shallower and narrower.. it actually translates to 3 cubic inches less space in your pocket. Well, we’ll see if it catches on or not.


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