“pill towel” promises to cause lawsuits by stupid people

definitely check out this link to see this thing in action..
the product page is here.
I’m not sure if this is useful or not. I mean, it’s a small towel about the size of a pill, and you need to add a few? Drops of water to let it unwind into a more normal sized towel (11″x9″). The question is.. is this better than the tissue box or the roll of brawny towels I already have at home and in the car? Or maybe this would be useful when camping, allowing several disposable towels to be carried and not need washing (evidently these are disposable/recyclable/degradable) 16 of these for $12 make them 75 cents per towel. I’m not sure how many towels I get on a roll of brawny, but I’m guessing they’re considerably cheaper than 75 cents a sheet. –update- I found a college paper someone did regarding paper towel strength and such, it included cost per sheet, and brawny. J brawny is 2 cents a shet by comparison. So is one of these things worth 37 sheets of Brawny paper towels? How important is saving space during your hiking? Maybe these will be used on the space shuttle. They’re big on saving space and weight. And seemingly don’t care about the costs. For those interested, this is a link to the college? Paper regarding towel strength and such.


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