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March 29, 2007

these two guys created a computer that can modify how it sends data around so that it can find the most efficient way to do it depending on the current task. This is a brilliant thing for high end scientific computing because it would allow scientists to come up with questions that would take a day to answer, unless the computer can re-optimize itself in a minute and then take half a day to answer the same question.
I also see this as a great step and the possibility to use these boards between other systems to allow the optimization of multiple or larger disparate processing systems in such a way that it all runs better.. well, that’s just great. It’s something that today requires several experts for a single system. Applying these principles to software as well as hardware can allow a machine that optimizes both its hardware and software code to create either a> customized systems that can then be produced and sold to do certain tasks, and on the other end allow a super super computer that can solve problems faster by .. well.. sort of viewing things in a certain perspective. Well, it’s cool. 😛 some more info in this article I found at gizmodo.


Only for rich people^2

March 27, 2007

I’ve got a big tv! “HOW BIG IS IT?!” well.. it’s freakin huge. 202 inches. That’s over 17 FEET!! (this is another one of those yelling posts) WHAT THE HELL? I am going insane? 17 feet? That won’t even fit into my apartment SIDEWAYS! Ok.. ok.. I’m breathing. So. 17 feet.. I’m guessing not for people who live in apartments. And.. umm.. even for people with houses it’s no good.. even for those that have huge French doors opening onto luxuriant patios looking down at giant yards with pools yards that are so big you need to refuel the riding mower before finishing mowing the lawn. This is for people who like TV so much they are not only willing to pay 1 BILLION dollars (the cost of the TV) but also the cost of having a wall removed to let the thing into the house. And then reconstructed… hmm.. and what kind of equipment does it take to install this thing? I’m guessing it’s not 2 guys grunting it up the stairs to get it into your second floor master bedroom… ok. I have not other specs, but you may find something here, where I saw the post originally

Low tech wonders.

March 27, 2007

I have to say, this is pretty cool. This comes (if I understand correctly) as flat cardboard. Then you fold it into shapes and there’s even a crank. When you turn the crank the fingers tap impatiently. Maybe it’s just silly, I just think this is fascinating. I imagine hooking up a little motor to the crank and watching it go. Also makes me wonder what else we can animate from simple cardboard. Will robots of the future come as flat cardboard, be folded into shape (maybe with little wires already in the cardboard) and hook up a couple of controllers or some such and bingo, walking talking robot (without the talking). More misc things like this found here. (there is also an animation of the fingers tapping there too)


March 27, 2007

Ok, so not really robots. Although instead of having robots play soccer and walk, I’d love to see perform Olympic things like skiing, shot put, running hurdles, balance beam, etc. while in human form and movement types. Ok, that has nothing to do with this post. This is more about.. like.. cyberlympics, or some such. What you see above are … lke pogo-boots. GAS-POWERED pogo-boots! You heard me. Evidently these were made over 20 years ago in Russia. They allow someone to run at about 20 miles per hour. They run on cup of gasoline and get about 70miles per gallon equivalent (or some such). Except they don’t hold a gallon, so you couldn’t go that far. I think you could run about 20 miles or so on a full tank. I totally think inventions like these should be allowed in a cyberlmpics setting to see who can make what wearable things that enhance human performance. I believe that syberlympics would usher in a new age of inventions that empower humans to perform beyond their normal physical means. For example, better designs for swim fins (they used to be standard and square, now they have a split fin design (presumably for better hydrodynamics)) so, faster bicycles, running boots, jackets that help you lift or.. who knows what people will make? Well, these boots up top were suppressed by the Russian military in hopes they could make soldiers that could cover 20miles on foot in an hour, running behind the tanks. Well, they mostly work, with only the occasional broken leg as the piston fires a little early. 😉 oh, and the company making them is going out of business I hear.. so if someone wants to make something of it…. Let me know!

Update update

March 26, 2007

Hello everyone (which may be all of a alf dozen people)
there have been no recent updates, and that’s because I just haven’t made any.
it’s mostly finding the time. But I think I have found a new way to do this, so there should be a steady flow coming in starting tonight.
for those sorely disappointed in the recent lack of snarky commentary, I’m sorry you feel that way. 😛 the world needs less snarky.
well, that’s not true. The way it is, it needs a whole lot more smart snarky. Smarky. And, heck. That’s just me all over. (except one spot on my foot, but that’s a long story)
anywho…. Be alert. The world needs more lerts. 😉
and.. the shrot of it.. regular updates from now on. 5/week minumim. Not pressing anything regarding the spelling .;-)

Electric bike goes 90mph, range of 110miles

March 18, 2007

could this possibly be the newest coolest motorcycle? I mean, it looks a lot like the akira bike seen here. It sells for about $3,500US or so. (if it sold in the US, which it doesn’t yet). It uses some kind of new hybrid engine which is super-light to achieve some of its new speed and range. I just like the concept of an engine like this, since we can go ahead and mod the heck out of the body. And since the price is low and the engine is light it may usher in a new age of local travel. J hmm.. I wonder what the 0-60 is on this thing..

Best new deathtrap car ever? (also the post with the most exclamation marks!)

March 18, 2007

this car runs on air! And, when it expels air, it is 0-15 degrees BELOW zero! And that helps fight global warming! The full article is here via the important specs are as follows: top speed is 68mph. range is approximately 200-300kilometers (100-150miles (as a rough calculation)) change a liter of oil every 30,000 miles, cost: about 10,000-15,000 dollars! They have cars! Vans and trucks! I can’t stop yelling! Ok, so what’s about about this car? I might guess the acceleration might not be the best. Also, it’s mostly fiberglass and glued together. (it sounds like this car is to a geo as a geo is to a mack truck.) This thing charges (from house voltage and an internal air compressor) in 3-4 hours. Or at special air pump stations in 3- minutes. It certainly has a lot of cool things like a revolutionary electrical (1 cable) system, engine design etc. on the other hand, since the truck looks like this I am thinking not a whole lot of people are going to be trading in their ford F350 or Toyota tundra trucks for these things. But hey, if you live in boston (super high cost of living) and need to save money on car and gas.. this thing may be the way to go. Or, if you don’t drive cross country on family vacation trips, this would be great getting you from home to work and back again. Hmm.. maybe if they add a solar roof than can work the air compressor while you’re parked at work.. this might be even better. Well, it’s new. And I like that. Will it succeed? I have no idea. The market place and driveability of this thing will decide that. But the fact it runs on air is cool. Especially since the air is 0-15 degrees below zero. 😉 ahh.. awful puns means the psot should probably come to and end. Hmm.. I wonder if the engine can get adapted to a motorcycle? J


March 18, 2007

This is something that your cell phone may be telling you if you subscribe to a new service for about $60 a year that will allow you to get an SMS (phone text message) that will tell you that a tsunami is on its way! There may be a lot of people paranoid enough to subscribe to this service, and others that will think it is the silliest thing ever. Who is right? Is it the people that die in a tsunami because the system failed to broadcast properly and in time? Or is it the reporters who will be flying to the scene to get video footage of the disaster before the competition? I’m thinking it’s probably the reporters. Although if police dispatchers were made to subscribe to these things they could then tell other local services (fire departments and such) and the police on the streets, who could then broadcast the information through PA systems to warn the local citizenry.. that sounds like it’d be more useful than bob getting an sms at 3 in the morning while on vacation in borneo. (is that even next to the ocean?)
Thanks for bringing this info! (one of my favorite sites) benefit

Anti-zombie wear

March 12, 2007

sure, it looks like mostly a blah kind of jacket, but it’s not! This jacket costs about $2000. You can buy it here. Now, you might be saying that this is a lot of money for a raincoat especially if you’re not living in Iraq right now. But what if you’re living in iran? Still too much? Well, since this thing stops not only bullets but also broken bottles, knives and ice picks, I’m thinking it will also stop the rotting teeth of zombie hordes! Now, it’s very important to note that this is only a jacket and does not cover the head hands or legs. For full protection you’ll need some kind of riot helmet, gloves and special pants. But I’m thinking if they can make this jacket then gloves pants and beanie hats aren’t far behind. Also great if you don’t want to get torn apart by a bear. If you had this coat that would nothappen, you’d only get squished inside of it. Eww.. squishy.

Great for big brother, how about granpa?

March 12, 2007

help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!
I’m not the best person to pick pictures for these things. 😛
this article here talks about a new device, like a watch, which monitors employees key vital signs, including heart rate and oxygen saturation levels. It’s all non invasive. The system transmits the information wirelessly to a central system that keeps track of all these things. The system can also, once it senses something wrong, focus a camera on the location. Now, this was created for super high security areas to keep track of employees as their heart rate goes up as they steal paper clips, and then it’s caught on camera and the guards rush in with batons to take the poor guy out.
but… what if… these were used in nursing homes? I mean.. something that wirelessly and non-invasively tracks the health status of everyone in the building and if someone falls down or strokes out an alarm goes off immediately and a camera shows the person having the problem. I mean.. if you had the cash, wouldn’t you rather put your grandparents in a place like that instead of a place where they might lie with a broken hip on a landing between the 4’th and fifth floors for days before being noticed? Don’t you love them to buy them better security than most prisoners? J hey, with a slight mod you might get a web login that will show you the camera closest to the inmate you’re paying for. Woops, odl person. Umm loved one. Yeah. That’d be cool. J