Why can’t I buy this yet?

This NEW INVENTION (sortof)is really just an old technology put towards a new use. Really, that is one of the best ways, I think, to put out a new product. Not by creating something completely new, but by creating a new use for technology that we have had for some time already. This means that production costs should be lower and adoptability and reliability should be higher. So, this new thing.. it’s basically a 30 inch LCD touchscreen display. Woo! Wow! Yeah exactly, what’ s the big deal? Well, these people are using it as a table top board game. This is potentially very exciting for me. I like board games. What I envision for this thing is a cd-rom plug in for miscellaneous games. Just plug in a CD and you have monopoly, or shoots and ladders, or hero’s quest, or something new. Game makers will no longer need to pay for the board and cut out pieces. Games can be so much more dynamic, adding levels, twists and turns mid-play etc. One of the best parts? Amateur game creators will have a platform. Basically, I think this should be a gaming console, with CD/DVD/Internet access to software based games. Sure, you could buy games like monopoly for this thing and roll dice and move little figures of shoes and dogs around the board. Maybe even with an rfid chip to tell the software what is where. (although the touchscreen certainly covers a lot of this). Well, I just know me and 1000 other people would be creating some kind of dungeon crawl multi-level board game for this thing if it were out and about the price of a gaming console. Hmm.. maybe call it “the family gaming console” as parents and kids can sit together and play. Oh, and role players would start buying this thing to have live maps for their adventures too. 1001 uses for this thing, and if they make it easy to program for, then there will be tons of content created for it too. Some low end – software only stuff, and some higher end software with physical things (dogs, dice, shoes, hotels, adventurers) to go along with it.
man, now I wish I had one. Oh, and playing internet chess on it would kick ass. Oh, and just regular games with friends in other states would be cool too.


One Response to “Why can’t I buy this yet?”

  1. emma Says:

    This sounds like an awesome console! We could play games with eachother all night long 🙂

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