FYI-computer gadget

ok, not much of a picture.. it’s a hard disk. That thing all your data is stored on. What is so special about this one? It’s a solid state drive that is 160GB. Yeah, your hard disk may be bigger, but not of it’s solid state. The difference is spinners (old/current tech) is slower, it eats more electricity, it is more likely to die because of its sensitive moving parts. This thing will not automatically break if dropped, it reads/writes at around 60MB/s (very fast), it sucks a lot less power. This disk will allow you to boot into windows 2-4 times faster than with a spinning drive. (I assume it will help with mac boot as well). It will also suck less energy, allowing your laptop battery to last longer. The best part? The company says it is selling them now. The worst part? Well, the company only releaser the 32GB model about a month ago, and that cost was over $200. I can only imagine this thing sucks a bit more cash. But, if it increases my laptop battery life by 30% (+1 hour) and allows faster boot times… it still wouldn’t be worth $600. I might certainly consider $200 for it though.


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