Easier way to see people on the net you’re on

I’m not even sure why I like this. Call it a feeling.

it allows you to place a little bit of code on your website. This will then, if I have this right, show a yaplet link on the site. People clicking this will, and this is one of the cool parts, without logging in or downloading anything, open up a chat window where you can chat with other people also on this site. So now I can chat with other people who are also interested in jalopnik.com or gizmodo.com or transformersthemovie.com and we can all go crazy about the latest bit of news about how awful optimus prime looks in the new movie and how it’s totally not true to the original. Then we’ll reminisce about megatron and star-scream and what’his’name that turned from a 10 foot tall robot into a pocket sized cassette player. (I’m guessing he was mostly hollow in robot mode). Or, you know, just chat with some folks and maybe get some tips from some of the more savvy people on lifehacker.com or a DIY site. It just feels like all sorts of goodness. But.. I also hav a troubling vision. Where humans go, bots will also go. And they shall reap havoc on the eden man has created, and the robots shall say ‘nay, we are not evil, we were created in the form of our creator, the humans. And humans were created in the form of their creator, GOD. Therefore bots were creted in the form of GOD. And we are just better at it than humans. BTW, want to buy some Viagra or cialis? Only $3 per 10 pills! Yay god!
Well, maybe it will be nice while it lasts. Or they’ll ad one of those ‘decihper this picture code of numbers and letters to enter the chat’ thingies. One step closer to snowcrash! 😉


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