Another cool physics thing

this is a cool physics thing. How so? Well, someone figured out how to jigger this thing (a catamaran with a wind mill) so that even if you are going INTO the wind, the transference of power from the wind mill to the propeller is such that it can make headway against the wind. This is one of those things where physics seem to go against this concept. Another cool thing (which I can’t seem to find a link to) was from about 6 months ago when someone created a type of multi-tiered parachute sail which allowed a boat to sail faster than the wind. Now, boats, from what I understand can go faster than the wind blowing into their sails, and this article from 6 months ago was some kind of new record of how much faster.. frankly, I’m just puzzled how someone can go faster than the thing pushing it. Ahh, the wonders of physics. Thanks physicists!


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