Only 10 grand if you don’t mind not having walls.

Dream home additions

that’s some great stuff. I love the fact that people are creating the kind of designs, and floor to ceiling, nonetheless, that appeal to my personal style (there are several styles available). The only thing that still worries me a little bit, is that not many people in this country can afford such things. And of those that could, who has the space to have it installed? Well, not me, that’s for certain. (not yet, anyway). With a slightly political twist, what party do you think would be running the party if election day was the day after tax day? Take this quick Quiz.
on with the commentary, I’m not that big on the giant grill, although that may change if I start spending a lot of time in my pavilion out by the lake. But then I’d probably have a tan, be in better shape, and my trophy wife would order food delivered from expensive restaurants to keep me sated and focused on my writing. Hah!


One Response to “Only 10 grand if you don’t mind not having walls.”

  1. rebekah Says:

    this is so awesome!
    i want this…i bet i can create something extremely similar for a lot less than $10k.
    i would put it right down in the field by the river and i’d trade the grill for a fire pit.


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