Networking buddy

this is a neat little gadget that fits into a pocket and can potentially be very useful for people who need to keep track of a lot of contacts
read more about it here
Now, from what I can tell, this tries to map information right into outlook or some other piece of rolodex like software.
Now, if during this process it takes a scan that is a jpeg image then this will work great with the new MS OneNote 2007.
why? Because it allows scanning images for text. How cool is that? So, yeah, outllok integration is all nice, but I like being able to not do any work, and still do a genral search to find what I’m looking for.
oh, I’m just not focused tonight. This card reader is pocket sized, and easy to use. (it has a button) the only problem I see with this is that 2% of business cards are not standard size.
also, if you have oneNote, then you can use your cell phone to take a picture of the card, or even a Casio Exilim camera (a lot of which have ‘business card’ picture modes. J


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