ADD blog entry (not the arithmetic type)


above, those little specs (on the right next to a human hair) are rfid chips. Afraid of big brother yet? At the same time, England has put up a billboard to talk to drivers by name after they pass through a toll using an RFID card. If someone makes an anti-RID shampoo and soap, they just may have some customers.

MIT student makes a batman like belt that weighs 25 lbs, and lifts 250 lbs 50 feet in about 5 seconds. Damn. Ok, lots of uses for this, some are pointed out on this gizmodo article

I’m totally about this new super phone PC thingy.
the specs are amazing, and I think, somewhere, it hs gps. Even if it doesn’t, there are Bluetooth gps devices it will work with. The giant 5 inch screen makes it finally worth while to use as a car GPS as well as web browser. And the 8 hour battery life is awesome.
there are some bad things people are saying about it here
I don’t care, if I can afford one, I’m getting it when it comes out.

a calorie burning soda.
look at the ingredients.. it seems to be missing all the bad stuf except maybe caffeine. But no high fructose corn syrup, gren tea based, multiple flavors.. I’m trying them when they reach my area.


One Response to “ADD blog entry (not the arithmetic type)”

  1. emma Says:

    this calorie burning pop sounds promising. i do believe i will have to purchase some myself. 🙂

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