How to MAKE money with viral video

There has been a lot of controversy about having videos on sites like youtube and google video that are copyrighted.
the daily show and others have been pulled because parent companies don’t want you to see the content without the commercials.
it’s kind of silly because I totally missed the commercials when I missed the show the first time.
but that’s not what I want to talk about here. I want to talk about “if the videos are out there, how do I take advantage of this?”
you do it the same way nascar does. If there is nothing much going on in parts of the screen, put advertising there.
so, if john stewart ends up on youtube, and all you see is him and his desk, put a “gilette” ad on his desk.
how thrilled would gilette be if their name was all over the net as john made fun of politicians trying to describe the inter-tubes?
they’d pee their pants in glee. Because beyond everything else, this advertising is free.
ok, so gilette is happy. The daily show.. maybe not so much.
except, why not? It’s great advertising for the daily show and comedy central. Every time I see those internet clips, I think I need to get cable again.
maybe one day I will. If the content is good enough. Which I won’t be aware of unless my friends send me links to the content on free services like youtube.

how about this… Comedy central makes a deal with youtube to host certain episodes.
while these episodes are shown on youtube, the sidebars show ads by the SAME companies that advertise on comedy central daily show time.
in this case comedy central wins because it’s free advertising.
daily show wins because it is free advertising.
companies who baught dily show commercial time win because it is EXTRA free advertising.
so, where does the money come in?
when the viewer clicks on the link on the youtube page that links to gilette, or jetta, or whoever.
the advertiser obviously thinks the people who watch THIS content are potential buyers (they payed for TV air time)
this is just all extra. And FREE (unless someone clicks through to you) in which case you now have a potential customer.
toss a few bucks towards youtube, who brought them to you.
it’s a win-win-win. Using proven marketing and long tail techniques.

well, that’s just my two-fitty.


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