-or- Do you own what you just bought?
-or- How much dementia do they suffer from?
so it seems the super protected blu ray and HD-DVD encryption has already been broken.
these formats, amongst other things, were supposed to allow very protected high definition movies that could not be copied.
except that someone, while running a disk, took a lot at their pc memory and found the super secret keycode that can unlocks, seemingly, all current HD-DVD and blu-ray disk content.
so not so much with the copy protection.
the MPAA is going to have bricks in their shorts.
on the other hand, therehas been a lot of mention in the news of various big names speaking out against DRM (for music mostly) including Steve Jobs, and several large companies.

What does all this mean? It means that some big names finally see that all the effort spent on copy protection not only is mostly a waste of time, that it causes pains to the consumers (itunes songs only playing on ipods, zune drm issues, et al), and that a lot of people who use internet marketing to spread a piece of video or audio actually creates a huge effect in the real world with people becoming fans of bands, producers, tv shows, etc.

As more companies realize that having a bigger fan base is more important than making sure that someone didn’t see all the commercials from the show they completely missed yesterday, but saw today on the net without the commercials.
it really seems like simple math. If I don’t have cable, I don’t watch the daily show. If they have a funny skit, I will see it on the net. If I see it on the net, I don’t see commercials. Which I didn’t see anyway because I don’t have cable. But, not I am a fan of the daily show. Which makes me think maybe I should get cable and see the stuff when it’s happening. What else do they have that I haven’t seen yet?
I mean.. it’s free marketing. Who doesn’t’ want that?
I mean, it’s great stuff even by itself. Those that can find a way to advertise with it will just win out even more. Maybe a ‘sponsored by’ label on john stewarts desk, eh?


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