Which over powered phone is the best?

  • vx6800 VS nokia e 90

    I carry a xv6700 phone. – (via mobiltree) the one on the left)
    Before that I had the vx6600. A bigger, clunkier, but still good version)
    the 6800 is currently being heavily gossiped about on the net with no sale date that I’ve heard of yet.
    it has all sorts of goodness, including a much stronger windows mobile 6, and a handful of other upgrades (like the camera, which isn’t even strong enough to suck on the 6700. I mean.. it’s pretty damned useless. Now I see an interesting new phone, the nokia e-90 (via gizmodo)
    Now, I have to tell you that I hate reading the million blog posts about new phones as most of them are all the same. I take exception with this one as it actually stands out. As usual though, for everything that has a cool new feature, there will always be something important missing.
    here are the good and bad as far as I can tell.
    VX6800 (via mobilemag)
    can run windows mobile 6, which has a bunch of goodies
    has the best qwerty keyboard I’ve ever laid my hands on.
    has a nice decent screen, not too small but not too big as a phone.
    pretty much just the suckiest camera ever, something they took from a
    prototype ceated in 1992… rly rly bad.
    oh, and when I’m suing the keyboard I have to be careful not to hit the poorly placed
    IE button, which is a pain.
    nokia e-90 (via gizmodo)
    well, finally, someone has a ½ decent screen. This one is 800 pixels wide, which means a web page will display normally, and you’ll just have to scroll up and down a bit to read it. (no left/right/up/down scrolling, yay!)
    also, it has built in GPS!! Which is very good, love this in a phone, I just can’t get enough of that.
    that’s so cool and useful, as I rarely know where I am, only where I want to be. This’ll get me there.
    another cool feature? FM radio. I love that. I don’t want an ipod or misc other player, if I can get it through my phone and not suck battery, I’ll take it. I love this feature.
    hmm.. what else? Maybe the fact that it has a normal phone like exterior, but opens up for the high tech goodness. But this might also be a negative as switching back and forth, or hitting buttons on the back of the device as you’re using the front may occur.
    $1000 compared to the $600 of the vx6700
    also, it doesn’t seem to run windows mobile 6. And that, to me, means I won’t have access to the thousands of helpful programs that are available and customizable in that OS. Nokia seems to be running a Smartphone, which is limited in the things it’ll grant you the ability to do.

    What does all this mean? It means the nokia will not take my business
    it’s the windows mobile 6 (WM6) here are some of the benefits….
    I’ll use a Bluetooth gps system hooked into a WM6 application, which will cost a bit more, but still has functionality.
    also, I get to run my super duper calculators on WM6, which are specialized and already payed for.
    WM6 has huge connectivity to MS exchange server, allowing mobile searches and then downloads of search results of your emails. That’s huge. And it’ll open excel and word attachments right away.
    looking up a contact can also show if this person is currently logged into IM and allow an instant session with the, that’s huge too. Basically there’s a bunch of ‘1 click away’ features and speed that increases work productivity by huge amounts. I’d love to tell you more, but am still waiting for WM6 official release to load it up. I’m sure I’ll rant about it more when I get it.
    my only lament is that my company does not have an exchange server to allow for a deeper level of communication between my mobile device and my work information.

    do I need all this? Well.. just about as much as I need a toy gun that fires plastic pellets at 500 feet per second, and I have one of those, soooo…


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