Not a green post at all.

So, I was going to do an article about all the amazing things going on in the world of cheap housing, new (or alternative) building materials, and green living.
I actually spent most of the day reading articles and re-reading some of those that I’ve tagged for my, yet to be built (as soon as I can afford land and stuff) house.
and, after all that, I’m still all mixed up with all the possibilities. So until I straighten that out and figure out what the heck I’m all about, I’ll actually post about something completely unrelated.
and somewhat silly. Kindof. Depending on your needs.
MS Office 2007!
ok, I’m an old school geek. My side in the ‘who is better’ debate is “depends on who is using it for what” so I don’t hold any bias based on idiocy.
I’ve recently had a chance to play with Office 2007, and where as it is neat, unless the company I work for uses it, I’ll never be able to afford a copy.
that aside, it has some amazing new abilities.
a lot of reviewers talk about the looks, the new arrangement of things, etc.
I’m mostly about functionality. There are some things that will take time to adjust to. Like excel sort not being right there at the top, only one click away.
on the other hand, it’s only 2 clicks away, and allows sorting on any number of columns, creating custom sort lists, and sorting on font or text color.
I’ll take the extra click for that kind of major leap in function.
my time to play with office 2007 was limited, so I mostly hit up features that I used in older versions to see how they’ve changed.
occasionally I’d come across something that caught my eye. Like Word 2007 ‘advanced image’ button which allowed me to create a really cool flowchart, color it, make it 3-d, changed different shapes, and move things around on a whim. I mean.. holy cow, that was cool. And all only an intuitive click or two away. Unfortunately, I didn’t save that, so I don’t have a smaple. L
on the other hand, I do have this:

this is a distortion of a sample picture that comes with windows. With a shape overlay, beveled edges, and a relaxed 3-d effect applied.
it took less than 15 seconds to create. Insert picture, Apply shape, 1 effect, then the second effect.
a cool part of 2007 is that it auto-previews options when you roll over them, allowing you to check out what you’re doing without having to undo your choices when you realize that’s not what you wanted.
how useful is this? I think really really useful. (the auto-preview on roll over feature)
doing what I just did there to pictures? Well, I’m sure someone has a legitimate use for it.
for the rest of us, it’ll make creating neat effects on our blogs much more fun. J
maybe I’ll look into how much just word 2007 costs.


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