What is this?

 What is this?
b> Some kind of odd prop from an old Dune movie?
b>A costume eddie murphy will wear in his new movie?
c> A balding Al Gore?
d> none of the above
If you chose (d) you are correct! Despite the fact it looks like a woman trying to hold off a balding Al Gore, if you flip the picture around a bit, you’ll see she actually, probably giving CPR to an overweight dummy.
What’s wrong with this picture? CPR for fat people.
People keep wanting to help fat people lose weight, trying to motivate them with pictures of good looking people and nice words, and saying “it’s all ok”
Well, how about “when you go down because your heart gave out, or there’s a hot dog stuck in your throat, no one will be able to help you and you’ll die!!”
Sounds motivational to me.
I mean.. If someone said, “hey, wear pants or you might die!!” (the double exclamation marks are important) then I would certainly reconsider wearing pants.


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