Hottest bulb ever? Err, coolest bulb ever..

ok, why am I hot on this cool bulb? Several reasons.. 1 is the technology involved, which often gets me hot and bothered.
the other thing is that I hope to build my own (mostly) green home one day, and this could well play an important role in it.
this bulb uses 9 watts. That’s super ultra low. How much light does it put out? Well, it claims to be able to replace a 70watt bulb.
but, it also says it puts out 500 lumens. Which, since I payed $80 for a 100 lumen flashlight, I can tell you 500 lumens has to be ridiculously bright.
now, there is a draw back. $80 per bulb. Which, sure.. is a bit high.
I wonder how it trades off with a> using only 9 watts of energy. And b> I kep hearing LED lifespan is 100,000 hours. J
that makes me think investing in these bulbs may end up paying off over the next.. umm.. well, I could leave it on for 11 years.
or, probably more realistically, my kids may have to replace the bulb.
that may well be worth $80.
heck, as soon as I get my tax return (assuming I’m not paying many thousands of dollars again this year)
I’m gonna get one to start off with.


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