Brief but necessary rant against goverment

Now, I will often rant against government to those that bring it up, but I don’t’ like to do it at people who didn’t ask for it. In this case though the government is going a bit nutty. I talk not about bostons reaction lite brite stuff hidden under bridges, but new York trying to ban the listening to of walkmans while people are walking the streets.
this is just plain old insane. We’ve had walkmen type things since the 80’s, and I’m sure there was something people did here in the 70’s (I was in Russia at the time, so I don’t know what was going on here.
but.. the government telling us we can’t listen to music while we walk?? What’s next, will we protect people aginst awful orange spandex? (yeah, I know, there’s a good argument to be made there)..
my general feeling on it is let people be their own idiots as long as it doesn’t significantly affect me. So I think in public people should have the right to smoke, listen to music, jump off bridges, and tell rude jokes. Not all things I like (jumping off bridges)… but hey, as long as they’re not pulling me with them, they should have the right to do it.
ok, well, sorry bout that.. let’s just stop the insanity before germany is more free than the USA.


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