This pic was snagged from they have several more of this truck. It’s also a great site and of all the tech sites I read, this is in the top 3 most favored.
now, what is this thing? You can read the specs and such here:

In short, it’s a hellofa truck. Diesel engine, tows almost 8 tons, hauls 2 tons, and the interior looks extra roomy (from the look of the body)
I mean, this looks like a hummer of a pickup. But the styling seems obviously a Mack truck turned pickup.
overall a beefy thing, I’m guessing will cost and arm and a leg. Probably drives well, and can do a lot of work but will be purchased by people who’ll mostly have it for bragging rights instead of being the guy who helped out his buddies by using his truck to haul the tree stump out of the ground, then pulling the house 50 feet closer to the lakefront.
well, that’s what I’d use it for.
oh, that and I’d rig a scaffold like thing over the bed to make the roof flat, then rig a tent up there for camping.
and the night light would have an extended cord running in to the cig lighter.
and I suppose I’d have to buy a CB too..

One thing, is I think they should have made a symbol that was 3d and sat on top of the hood.
this is true for anything that wants to stand out, and is especially true for expensive things that want to stand out.
that’s my two fitty.


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