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Why can’t I buy this yet?

February 25, 2007

This NEW INVENTION (sortof)is really just an old technology put towards a new use. Really, that is one of the best ways, I think, to put out a new product. Not by creating something completely new, but by creating a new use for technology that we have had for some time already. This means that production costs should be lower and adoptability and reliability should be higher. So, this new thing.. it’s basically a 30 inch LCD touchscreen display. Woo! Wow! Yeah exactly, what’ s the big deal? Well, these people are using it as a table top board game. This is potentially very exciting for me. I like board games. What I envision for this thing is a cd-rom plug in for miscellaneous games. Just plug in a CD and you have monopoly, or shoots and ladders, or hero’s quest, or something new. Game makers will no longer need to pay for the board and cut out pieces. Games can be so much more dynamic, adding levels, twists and turns mid-play etc. One of the best parts? Amateur game creators will have a platform. Basically, I think this should be a gaming console, with CD/DVD/Internet access to software based games. Sure, you could buy games like monopoly for this thing and roll dice and move little figures of shoes and dogs around the board. Maybe even with an rfid chip to tell the software what is where. (although the touchscreen certainly covers a lot of this). Well, I just know me and 1000 other people would be creating some kind of dungeon crawl multi-level board game for this thing if it were out and about the price of a gaming console. Hmm.. maybe call it “the family gaming console” as parents and kids can sit together and play. Oh, and role players would start buying this thing to have live maps for their adventures too. 1001 uses for this thing, and if they make it easy to program for, then there will be tons of content created for it too. Some low end – software only stuff, and some higher end software with physical things (dogs, dice, shoes, hotels, adventurers) to go along with it.
man, now I wish I had one. Oh, and playing internet chess on it would kick ass. Oh, and just regular games with friends in other states would be cool too.


Custom flames

February 25, 2007

want custom flames? Check out
as you can see from the picture, colorful flames. They even have some video on the website. They sell all sorts of colored flame stuff, including torches, lamps, oils, etc. on the one hand, I can’t see getting these for anything except the novelty of it. Or maybe halloweening things up a bit. Or scaring the neighbors. Yeah.. I lke that last bit. I wonder how hard it would be to rig up these materials into flash paper or powder form to get a brief flare up of colored flames at your bidding.
But for having the in-laws at the bbq? Not so much.

FYI-computer gadget

February 25, 2007

ok, not much of a picture.. it’s a hard disk. That thing all your data is stored on. What is so special about this one? It’s a solid state drive that is 160GB. Yeah, your hard disk may be bigger, but not of it’s solid state. The difference is spinners (old/current tech) is slower, it eats more electricity, it is more likely to die because of its sensitive moving parts. This thing will not automatically break if dropped, it reads/writes at around 60MB/s (very fast), it sucks a lot less power. This disk will allow you to boot into windows 2-4 times faster than with a spinning drive. (I assume it will help with mac boot as well). It will also suck less energy, allowing your laptop battery to last longer. The best part? The company says it is selling them now. The worst part? Well, the company only releaser the 32GB model about a month ago, and that cost was over $200. I can only imagine this thing sucks a bit more cash. But, if it increases my laptop battery life by 30% (+1 hour) and allows faster boot times… it still wouldn’t be worth $600. I might certainly consider $200 for it though.

Another cool physics thing

February 22, 2007

this is a cool physics thing. How so? Well, someone figured out how to jigger this thing (a catamaran with a wind mill) so that even if you are going INTO the wind, the transference of power from the wind mill to the propeller is such that it can make headway against the wind. This is one of those things where physics seem to go against this concept. Another cool thing (which I can’t seem to find a link to) was from about 6 months ago when someone created a type of multi-tiered parachute sail which allowed a boat to sail faster than the wind. Now, boats, from what I understand can go faster than the wind blowing into their sails, and this article from 6 months ago was some kind of new record of how much faster.. frankly, I’m just puzzled how someone can go faster than the thing pushing it. Ahh, the wonders of physics. Thanks physicists!

Easier way to see people on the net you’re on

February 22, 2007

I’m not even sure why I like this. Call it a feeling.

it allows you to place a little bit of code on your website. This will then, if I have this right, show a yaplet link on the site. People clicking this will, and this is one of the cool parts, without logging in or downloading anything, open up a chat window where you can chat with other people also on this site. So now I can chat with other people who are also interested in or or and we can all go crazy about the latest bit of news about how awful optimus prime looks in the new movie and how it’s totally not true to the original. Then we’ll reminisce about megatron and star-scream and what’his’name that turned from a 10 foot tall robot into a pocket sized cassette player. (I’m guessing he was mostly hollow in robot mode). Or, you know, just chat with some folks and maybe get some tips from some of the more savvy people on or a DIY site. It just feels like all sorts of goodness. But.. I also hav a troubling vision. Where humans go, bots will also go. And they shall reap havoc on the eden man has created, and the robots shall say ‘nay, we are not evil, we were created in the form of our creator, the humans. And humans were created in the form of their creator, GOD. Therefore bots were creted in the form of GOD. And we are just better at it than humans. BTW, want to buy some Viagra or cialis? Only $3 per 10 pills! Yay god!
Well, maybe it will be nice while it lasts. Or they’ll ad one of those ‘decihper this picture code of numbers and letters to enter the chat’ thingies. One step closer to snowcrash! 😉

KOHLER: DTV Custom Showering Experience: Performance Showers: Bathroom

February 19, 2007


KOHLER: DTV Custom Showering Experience: Performance Showers: Bathroom

Screen clipping taken: 2/18/2007, 10:49 PM


This is pretty cool. I would love one of these.

Can anyone figure out how long the average water heater can run this thing if it’s eating 21 gallons per minute?

USB air filter mask

February 19, 2007

This is as USB air filter mask.
Now, the blogger at gizmodo isn’t thrilled with this, and I’m not really surprised, I can’t imagine most people wanting this. My take on it is as follows; I realize a lot of people in china and japan wear masks s their air pollution makes LA seem like .. well, like what fields used to be like 300 years ago. What about the rest of us? Well, I do a little wood and metal working. And I don’t like a lot of the masks we have around here. Some being too much, others being too little. This mask seems light, and covers a lot more of the face. I’m thinking of hooking up a battery to run it instead of USB power and I’ve got something that’ll keep black stuff from coming out of my nose on the weekends. Umm. Yeah.

Networking buddy

February 19, 2007

this is a neat little gadget that fits into a pocket and can potentially be very useful for people who need to keep track of a lot of contacts
read more about it here
Now, from what I can tell, this tries to map information right into outlook or some other piece of rolodex like software.
Now, if during this process it takes a scan that is a jpeg image then this will work great with the new MS OneNote 2007.
why? Because it allows scanning images for text. How cool is that? So, yeah, outllok integration is all nice, but I like being able to not do any work, and still do a genral search to find what I’m looking for.
oh, I’m just not focused tonight. This card reader is pocket sized, and easy to use. (it has a button) the only problem I see with this is that 2% of business cards are not standard size.
also, if you have oneNote, then you can use your cell phone to take a picture of the card, or even a Casio Exilim camera (a lot of which have ‘business card’ picture modes. J

Only 10 grand if you don’t mind not having walls.

February 19, 2007

Dream home additions

that’s some great stuff. I love the fact that people are creating the kind of designs, and floor to ceiling, nonetheless, that appeal to my personal style (there are several styles available). The only thing that still worries me a little bit, is that not many people in this country can afford such things. And of those that could, who has the space to have it installed? Well, not me, that’s for certain. (not yet, anyway). With a slightly political twist, what party do you think would be running the party if election day was the day after tax day? Take this quick Quiz.
on with the commentary, I’m not that big on the giant grill, although that may change if I start spending a lot of time in my pavilion out by the lake. But then I’d probably have a tan, be in better shape, and my trophy wife would order food delivered from expensive restaurants to keep me sated and focused on my writing. Hah!

ADD blog entry (not the arithmetic type)

February 15, 2007


above, those little specs (on the right next to a human hair) are rfid chips. Afraid of big brother yet? At the same time, England has put up a billboard to talk to drivers by name after they pass through a toll using an RFID card. If someone makes an anti-RID shampoo and soap, they just may have some customers.

MIT student makes a batman like belt that weighs 25 lbs, and lifts 250 lbs 50 feet in about 5 seconds. Damn. Ok, lots of uses for this, some are pointed out on this gizmodo article

I’m totally about this new super phone PC thingy.
the specs are amazing, and I think, somewhere, it hs gps. Even if it doesn’t, there are Bluetooth gps devices it will work with. The giant 5 inch screen makes it finally worth while to use as a car GPS as well as web browser. And the 8 hour battery life is awesome.
there are some bad things people are saying about it here
I don’t care, if I can afford one, I’m getting it when it comes out.

a calorie burning soda.
look at the ingredients.. it seems to be missing all the bad stuf except maybe caffeine. But no high fructose corn syrup, gren tea based, multiple flavors.. I’m trying them when they reach my area.